Gender in Russian Rodnoverie Link logo PDF logo

Aitamurto, Kaarina

Pomegranate Volume 15, Issue 1-2

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Solving the puzzle of why Finns have the highest IQ, but one of the lowest number of Nobel prizes in Europe Link logo

Dutton, Edward; Nijenhuis, Jan te; Roivainen, Eka


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‘Hold the Heathen Hammer High’: representation, re-enactment and the construction of ‘Pagan’ heritage Link logo

Ashby Steven P., Schofield John

International Journal of Heritage Studies Volume 21, Issue 5, Pages 1–19

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Measuring Openness and Evaluating Digital Academic Publishing Models: Not Quite the Same Business Open access logo Link logo

Giovanni De Grandis; Yrsa Neuman

Journal of Electronic Publishing Volume 17, Issue 3

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Scientific Progress as Increasing Verisimilitude

Niiniluoto, Ilkka

Studies in History & Philosophy of Science Part A

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First, I argue that scientific progress is possible in the absence of increasing verisimilitude in science's theories. Second, I argue that increasing theoretical verisimilitude is not the central, or primary, dimension of scientific progress. Third, I defend my previous argument that unjustified changes in scientific belief may be progressive. Fourth, I illustrate how false beliefs can promote scientific progress in ways that cannot be explicated by appeal to verisimilitude.

Playing God The Rock Opera That Endeavors to Become a Bioethics Education Tool Link logo PDF logo

Takala, Tuija; Hayry, Matti; Laing, Laurence

Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics Volume 23, Issue 02

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This article describes and introduces a new innovative tool for bioethics education: a rock opera on the ethics of genetics written by two academics and a drummer legend. The origin of the idea, the characters and their development, and the themes and approaches as well as initial responses to the music and the show are described, and the various educational usages are explored.

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